This area of the site is for the visually impaired. The technology created to make computer and Internet use accessible to the visually impaired relies on specific factors. One of these main factors is word recognition. Many of the websites built today are created visually and done so using graphics and flash animation. As much as this accentuates a website it then leaves it un-traveled territory for many who are visually impaired. The graphics and flash are not properly read by the software required on PC's for the visually impaired. We look to try to reach all those who are interested in the exploration of Islam and so we are making an attempt to have our most prominent links and articles situated in this area of the site.

Please visit this YAHOOGROUP dedicated to the visually impaired Muslims:


The following links are found on the front page of the RMA site but are in graphic form.


Important Links Main Links Articles In Focus
New to Islam About Us What is Mutah?
How do I become a Muslim Forums The birth of Muhammad
Learn Salat (under construction) Media Who are the AhlulBayt?
Historical Facts The Holy Quran How do I tell my family I'm Muslim?
The Mahdi Glossary To know the Shi'a
Marriage in Islam Links 5 Schools of thought
Science in Islam Revert Stories The bright face of Ali (as)

Tawassul, supplications to Imams or Prophet