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Lectures/documents by:
Al-Sayyid  Ali Al-Seestani
Sayed Mahdi Al Modaressi
Br. Khalil Jaffer
Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani
Shaykh Saleem Bhimji
Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
Br Hassanain Rajabali
Sayed Bahmanpour



Ali Al-Seestani

1. Ayatollah Al-Seestani (MGGHAL) Islamic 
2. Ayatollah Al-Seestani (MGGHAL) Current Legal Issues
3. Ayatollah Al-Seestani (MGGHAL) Hajj Rituals
4. Ayatollah Al-Seestani (MGGHAL) Jurisprudence Made Easy
5. Abdul Hadi al-Hakim  A code of Practice for Muslims in  the West
6. Abdul Hadi al-Hakim Hajj & 'Umrah


Seyyed Mujtaba Musavi Lari .

Knowing God
youth and morals
Imamate And Leadership
Western Civilization Through Muslim Eyes
Resurrection Judgment And The Hereafter
Ethics and Spiritual Growth
God and His Attributes
The Seal of the Prophet And His Message

Sayed Mahdi Al Modaressi  Muharram 2003/1424
The existence of Allah

The Islamic practices and piety

Death; a gateway to the next life

Preparing for the Day of Judgement

Prayer is the source is hope

Control of human desires through marriage

The effects of sins on the heart

Pleasing Allah through self-reflection

Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil

The martyrdom of Imam Al Hussain

Our duty towards Imam Al Hussain

The life of a Muslim in the West

Healing the spiritual ailments

Obeying the laws of Allah for our benefit

Fatima Al Zahra: The great role model

More by: Sayed Mahdi Al Modaressi



Shaykh Saleem Bhimji

Dying and Death
Ghadeer, The Banner of Unity  
Br. Khalil Jaffer
21st Night of Ramadhan  
(Oct 3, 2007)

22nd Night of Ramadhan  
23rd Night of Ramadhan  
24th Night of Ramadhan  
25th Night of Ramadhan  
26th Night of Ramadhan  
27th Night of Ramadhan  
28th Night of Ramadhan  
29th Night of Ramadhan  
30th Night of Ramadhan  

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Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani

Audio #1

Audio #2

Audio #3

Audio Q & A


Sayed Bahmanpour

Lectures: Nahjul Balagha

Nahjul Balagha 01
Nahjul Balagha 02
Nahjul Balagha 03
Nahjul Balagha 04
Nahjul Balagha 05
Nahjul Balagha 06
Nahjul Balagha 07
Nahjul Balagha 08
Nahjul Balagha 09
Nahjul Balagha 10
Nahjul Balagha 11
Nahjul Balagha 12
Nahjul Balagha 13
Nahjul Balagha 14
Nahjul Balagha 15
Nahjul Balagha 22
Nahjul Balagha 23
Nahjul Balagha 24
Nahjul Balagha 25
Nahjul Balagha 26
Nahjul Balagha 27
Nahjul Balagha 28
Nahjul Balagha 29
Nahjul Balagha 30
Nahjul Balagha 31
Nahjul Balagha 32
Nahjul Balagha 33
Nahjul Balagha 34
Nahjul Balagha 35
Nahjul Balagha 36


Sheikh Hamza Sodagar

WMV format

Lessons From Karbala - Part 1 
Lessons From Karbala - Part 2 
Lessons From Karbala - Part 3 
Lessons From Karbala - Part 4 

Br Hassanain Rajabali

Tawheed Institute 

Rajabali Ramadhan 2007 Lecture 19 - Knowing the Quraan 
Imam Ali [as] and the Quraan
Introspection in Islam 
Prayer in the Night of Qadr 
Science of the Quraan 
Quraan, the Moral Standard 
Quraan, The Moral Standard Part 2 
Proper Islamic Propagation 
Islamic Morals and Ethics 
Unity Through the Prophet [saws] 

Learning from the Past

Using History based on Principals (Part 1) 2006

Learning from the Past

Using History based on Principals (Part 2) 

Learning from the Past

Rationality in Islam


Every Day is Ashura, Every Land is Karbala
Pride, Arrogance and Humility
The Ahl-e-Bait a.s.
Patience And Salaat
Imam Hussain a.s. King Of Martyrs
Night of the Unfortunates
After Kerbala
The Prophets, Indulging in this World, our Vision
Destiny, Jealousy, Angel of Death, Death, Aging, Parents
Comparison of Religions, Life as an Exam, Battle of Ohud, Material Needs
Social Problems in our Society, Television
Patience, Sacrifice, Truth, the Ahl-e-Bait a.s. Material Needs
Night of Arbaeen
Night of Arbaeen, Questions and Answers 

Sayed Mahdi Al Modaressi

The Eternal Nature of Imam Hussein's Revolution 
Allah; The Transcendent Reality 
Man's Relentless Quest for Meaning 
Why is there evil in the world? 
A new perspective on women in Islam 
Avoiding Sins I - Battling the enemy within 
Avoiding Sins II - Devastating Dangers of Sins 
Hussein the Leader of Mankind 
Martyrdom of Imam Hussein - Part I 
Martyrdom of Imam Hussein - Part II



Don't Sell Cheap! 
Enjoyning Good and Forbidding Evil 
Q & A - Sisters' Session 
Choosing The Right Path In Life
Q & A - Brothers' Session